Why Does VCE Collect Race, Ethnicity, Age and Gender Data?

Occasionally, we are asked questions about why we collect information related to gender, age, race, and ethnicity on forms and from program participants. Some people wonder if it is required that they disclose such information. Others ask how it will be used.

Virginia Cooperative Extension is committed to diversity and to ensuring equal opportunity for those wishing to benefit from our programs and services. In order to monitor the effectiveness of our civil rights and affirmative action efforts, we collect or invite participants in our programs to voluntarily disclose, their gender, age, race, and ethnicity.

Neither the information gathered or provided, nor the decision not to voluntarily provide it, will be used to determine eligibility for Extension programs and services or the benefits available though participation.

The cumulative demographic information is used solely for the purpose of determining compliance with federal civil rights law. By providing this information, you will assist us in assuring that VCE programs are administered in a nondiscriminatory manner.