National 4-H Congress

National 4-H Congress: November 25-29, 2022

Since 1922, National 4-H Congress has served as the premiere educational and recognition event for senior 4-H members. National 4-H Congress is held in Atlanta, Georgia, in late November. National Congress provides participants an exciting opportunity to explore careers, engage in a variety of quality learning experiences, and have great fun by getting to know other 4-H members from across the country.

Outstanding 4-H members will be selected to represent Virginia at National 4-H Congress. Candidates for selection must be senior 4-H members in the current 4-H year who are able to demonstrate outstanding achievement as a 4-H member in the areas of leadership, citizenship, and personal development.

Virginia 4-H values the life skills that are developed through personal record keeping. The 4-H portfolio, which replaced the 4-H Achievement Record, will serve as the foundation for the 4-H member's application to participate in National 4-H Congress.

The formal process will include two steps, which are intended to provide the 4-H member learning exercises that reflect an employment application and interview procedure:

  1. The submission of a written personal resume
  2. Interview and presentation of personal portfolio

Downloadable application process (PDF)

Applications will be submitted through Submittable. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR APPLICATIONS TO THE STATE OFFICE!

To submit an application, please click here.


The personal resume is intended to give the 4-H member the opportunity to succinctly communicate his or her participation in the 4-H program, as well as demonstrate service and involvement outside of 4-H. The 4-H member should utilize the portfolio as the source of the information for the resume and should creatively organize the resume to demonstrate outstanding achievement

The resume, which should be accompanied by a candidate's letter stating why he/she wishes to represent Virginia at National 4-H Congress, must include (but not be limited to) the following information:

  1. Personal: name, address, telephone number, and birthdate.
  2. Education: List in chronological order the schools attended and diplomas and honors/ recognition received.
  3. 4-H Participation: List club membership(s), projects, conferences, camps, and special activities (demonstrations, talks, judging event(s) in which participated). Include dates of the project/activity and, when appropriate, what was gained from participation.
  4. 4-H Citizenship/Leadership: List significant leadership and citizenship/ community service experiences carried out as a 4-H member. Activities that should be included are: offices held at the club, county, district, or state levels; activities or events for which leadership was provided; and any 4-H community service projects. Be sure to include dates, the role played, and what was accomplished.
  5. Leadership, Citizenship, Scholarship Outside 4-H: List in chronological order other significant citizenship or leadership experiences had outside of 4-H such as school, church, or other organizations. Again, include date, the role played, and what was accomplished.
  6. Letters of Reference: Attach three letters of reference from individuals who can attest to you personal attributes. One must be either your 4-H agent or a 4-H adult volunteer leader.

Sample Resume (PDF)

National 4-H Congress Portfolio and Interview Tip Sheet (PDF)

Resumes must be submitted in QuestionPro by June 10.

The associate director, 4-H, will appoint an application review committee, which will evaluate personal resume's on the following weighted criteria:

  • Growth through 4-H participation: 25 percent
  • Growth through 4-H leadership/citizenship: 50 percent
  • Growth through leadership, citizenship, and scholarship outside 4-H: 10 percent
  • Letters of Reference: 5 percent
  • Organization and presentation: 10 percent

Finalists will be invited to participate in an interview the Tuesday of State 4-H Congress. The interview process will afford the candidates the opportunity to gain additional presentation skills and orally communicate their 4-H experiences. Candidates will be encouraged to creatively utilize the resources they have included in their 4-H portfolio to enhance their presentation.

The interview teams will include: the State 4-H Program Leader; representatives from VAE4-HA, VA4-HAVL, the State 4-H Cabinet; and the Virginia 4-H Foundation.

Those delegates selected will be required to pay $100 towards the cost of the trip. This is non-refundable unless approval is made for unforeseen circumstances (death in the family, etc.). If the cancellation is made after refunds are no longer available or funds have been committed, the delegate may be responsible for the costs incurred by the state office. Delegates will also be expected to purchase a Virginia 4-H Golf Shirt for $20 to wear at the event. Do not let finances discourage youth from applying; contact the state office or your local extension office for more information. 


  • June 10: Personal resume deadline
  • June 11 - 12: Resumes reviewed
  • June 13: Finalists announced
  • June 21: Interviews conducted
  • June 24: Announcement of the Virginia 4-H delegation. 
  • Nov 25 - 29: National 4-H Congress



Application Instructions:

All National 4-H Congress applications need to be submitted in QuestionPro. DO NOT mail your resume, letters of recommendation, or Portfolio. 
All resumes should entered by June 1. Candidates that have been selected for an interview will receive additional instructions.

4-H Events Coordinator
Joi Saville