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Purpose statement:

Virginia Cooperative Extension takes concrete action that advances the wellbeing of all Virginians.

Whether we’re modernizing our food system, supporting local economies, or empowering youth, we help steward our natural resources, bridge access to knowledge, and shape a brighter future for our communities.

Brand foundation

Virginia Cooperative Extension is a sub-brand of the university and supports the master brand, but has a mission that deviates from the primary educational mission of the university. Instead of using the master brand logo as its main identifier, a sub-brand has its own logo and references the master brand logo in a secondary position whenever possible in its materials and assets, depending on the space to do so.

As a sub-brand, Virginia Cooperative Extension uses its own brand guidelines that were created in collaboration with Virginia Tech to complement the university brand guidelines.

The Virginia Cooperative Extension brand guidelines are reflected and explained in this website. These guidelines should be followed with the same attention as those of the university. They are designed to work together.