4-H State Congress

4-H State Congress

Virginia 4-H State Congress is the premier, statewide annual 4-H event for outstanding 4-H teens and adult volunteer leaders. Its mission is to provide competitive and non-competitive educational experiences to Virginia teens and the adults who work with them, helping them to develop life skills and leadership abilities to become contributing citizens in their communities.


Virgina 4-H Congress Across the Commonwealth

July 1-31, 2020

The 99th Virginia 4-H State Congress will be held at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, from Monday, June 24, to Thursday, June 27, 2019.

More details coming soon!

  • March 29 - Information packet released to the system. 
  • April 26 - Registration system goes live. 
  • May 17 - Registration closes. 
  • June 3 - All paperwork and confirmation of payment due to State Office
2019 State 4-H Congress

2019 State 4-H Congress Key Points (pdf)

Key Informational Zoom Session

  • Cost to attend is $220 – Full Time Participant
  • Cost to attend as a One-Day Delegate is $45
  • Lodging will be in Pritchard (Males) and Lee (Females)
  • Congress Headquarters will be in Pritchard Lounge
  • All of the attached materials will go live on the 4-H Congress website no later than April 26.
  • State 4-H Congress Registration will be completed using 4HOnline and will go live on April 26
    • Two options:
      • Enrolled and active families can register through the family profile.
      • 4-H Units can have members complete a hard copy of the registration form and it can be entered into 4HOnline at the Unit Level.
    • Tip sheets on the registration process are included in the registration section.
    • For participants with a complete 4HOnline profile inclusive of Health History and Code of Conduct, no additional forms will need to be sent to the State 4-H Office.  The State 4-H Office will print the forms onsite for those participants with a completed profile in 4HOnline.  However, if hardcopies of the Health History and Code of Conduct are collected by the unit office and are not a part of the 4HOnline profile, the unit will need to mail copies of the forms to the State 4-H Office no later than June 3. Please note: We will also need a Health Form for all adult participants, including Faculty and Staff. A completed Standards of Behavior Form is also required to be completed by every adult volunteer attending Congress. Please submit these forms as well to the State 4-H Office by June 3.
  • A new, later deadline has been established for the submission of all paperwork and documentation of payment. The new deadline is June 3.
  • Competition Incentive spreadsheet is due from each district to Joi Saville no later than May 1.  (Unless arrangements have been made for those Districts that have not completed District/Area contests by that date.)
  • Competition incentives will be distributed this year using the same criteria as last year.  Please find the criteria listed below.
    • $50 for those competing in a District or Area Contest, receiving a purple ribbon, and competing at Congress.
    • $30 for those competing in a District or Area Contest and competing at Congress.
    • $20 for those competing in a unit level contest, receiving a blue ribbon, and competing at Congress.
    • Each district has up to $2,000, but the money has to be distributed using the above criteria and youth are only eligible to receive one of the above incentive options.  Therefore, if a district has more than 40 competitors receiving a purple ribbon, they will need to decide how the funds will be distributed since the max amount each district will receive is $2,000.
    • A representative from each district is responsible for sending the completed district competition incentive spreadsheet to Joi Saville.
  • Each unit will receive one first-time delegate scholarship for half of the registration cost ($110) and one full first-time adult volunteer scholarship ($220). These scholarships cannot be used for Extension Faculty/Staff.
  • All 4-H adult volunteers attending State 4-H Congress must have completed a criminal background screening.  PreSearch records will be verified for each registered adult volunteer.  If you know your volunteer needs to complete a criminal history screening, please place the PreSearch request by May 1.
  • State 4-H Election packet has been emailed out to the 4-H Agent listserv and will be posted on 4-H Congress website soon.
  • 4HOnline Event Registration will close at 5 p.m. on May 17.
  • All Forms (if applicable) and submission of documentation of appropriate request for payment will be due to the State 4-H Office no later than June 3.
  • This year's service project will be a Dry Meal Packing Event.  We ask that all who attend Congress (youth and adults) bring one item from the list below to contribute to this service project effort. Most of the items can be purchased at your local grocery store (i.e. Kroger) or purchased from Amazon.  
  • Silent Auction – We will once again be having a silent auction during Congress on Wednesday. To ensure we have a great selection of items for purchase, we are asking each  unit attending Congress to bring one item representing your locality to donate to the auction. Some examples include: non-perishable food items, candles, lotions, 4-H items, etc. For each item donated we will need a description of the item, the fair market value, and the name of the unit donating. All donated items can be turned in during registration or at Congress Headquarters on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Please encourage your teens to apply for National 4-H Congress. To help them prepare for this process, please view the attached tip sheet or visit the following web link for more information regarding National 4-H Congress: http://ext.vt.edu/4h-youth/national-congress.html

Important Dates To Remember

  • Information Packet Released: March 29
  • Registration System Goes Live (all information including GSS and competition workshops, competition, etc.): April 26
  • Registration Closes: May 17
  • All paperwork and confirmation of payment due to state office: June 3


2014 State 4-H Congress

The major purposes of 4-H Congress are:

  • To provide a high-quality educational experience for 4-H youth ages 14-18 and adults that work with them.
  • To promote 4-H as a major statewide educational youth program.
  • To provide educational, recreational, and social experiences for youth that would not normally be available at a county or district level.
  • To enhance life-skill development through all 4-H Congress activities.
  • To provide educational experiences through the Great Summer Showcase, and competition that will enhance life skill development and support 4-H project work.
  • To provide competitive (judging, presentations, etc) events in each curriculum area.
  • To provide educational experiences that enhance life skill development and support 4-H project work.
  • To provide recognition for all competition area winners at a Congress-wide event.
  • To recognize outstanding support to 4-H Congress by a volunteer adult 4-H leader.
  • To promote an understanding of the value of diversity among Congress participants.
  • To enhance a delegate’s sense of personal and social responsibility through an environment that fosters independence, accountability, decision-making, and time management.

2016 4-H Congress Closing Ceremony Video

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