Physical Activity

Physical Activity

For improved health and quality of life, people must be active. Physical activity is defined as “any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure.” Walking, playing with your dog, gardening, attending a fitness class – all these activities count towards health. The opposite of physical activity, called sedentary behavior, is associated with chronic physical and mental conditions.

The good news? All Virginians can increase their physical activity and decrease their sedentary time. We hope to share resources and opportunities to help you get started and stick with it!

Virginia Cooperative Extension offers two evidence informed physical activity programs.


We offer an evidence-based, 8- week online program to promote physical activity and fruit and vegetable tracking.


We offer an evidence-based, 8-week, in-person strength training program to improve functions of daily living and reduce social isolation. LIFT is a practice- and research- adapted version of Strong Women, Strong Bones, Activity for the Ages, and Stay Strong, Stay Health.

For more information about FitEx and LIFT as well as other physical activity programs, visit the Physical Activity Research & Community Implementation Laboratory at Virginia Tech.