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Turf and horticulture experts detail best management practices in how to attain a great looking lawn and landscape with environmentally-friendly management strategies.  What grasses and ornamental plants are best suited for your site? How do you establish or renovate a lawn or ornamental bed?  How do you safely and effectively manage pests? The following podcasts can help guide you toward a healthy, happy lawn and garden!

Winter is a fairly quiet time for the lawn and landscape but there are still several things that can be done in preparation for a very busy spring season that arrives in just a few months. Turf and Garden Tips offers timely tips that will help you have a great looking, environmentally friendly lawn and landscape.


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    Service Mowers Now Before Springing Them Into Action Next Season

    This podcast and its accompanying handout detail the steps in winterizing your mower so that it is in top operating condition for next year's mowing season.

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    My Turf’s on Ice

    This podcast details the importance of keeping traffic off of frost or ice-covered turf, what kind of damage to expect, and how long the damage will likely persist.

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    Choosing Appropriate Ice Melt Products

    Selecting the appropriate ice melt product can go a long way in protecting water quality. This podcast details the typical sources homeowners can find and stresses the importance of not applying nitrogen and phosphorus-based fertilizers as ice melt materials.

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    Snow Mold

    Has snow mold invaded your lawn? What it really is and what you should or should not do to prevent, stop, and/or repair further damage.

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A lawn to Dye for

Shawn Askew, Extension Turfgrass Weed Specialist at Virginia Tech, adjust a blade on a lawn mower to help homeowners properly mow their lawns.

Watch Head Golf Coach Jay Hardwick and turfgrass experts provide lawn care tips at the Pete Dye River Course of Virginia Tech. 

Topics include watering, fertilizing, mowing, soil testing, dealing with weeds, choosing the right grass, and combating diseases. More

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