Home Food Preservation

Home Food Preservation

The number of consumers preserving foods at home continues to increase, as more consumers emphasize greater control over what they eat and where their food comes from. Failure to adequately preserve foods in the home can result in foodborne illness. Many families don’t have the knowledge to safely preserve their food at home. Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) agents provide a variety of opportunities to fill this educational need.

Extension routinely holds in-service training for FCS agents and food safety educators on canning and food preservation, in order to meet the demand for food preservation information. Throughout the state, FCS agents also provide a variety of home food preservation workshops designed to teach participants how to safely can, freeze, or dry their own foods. The types of food preservation support provided include:

  • General informational canning classes
  • Canning demonstrations at community events
  • Hands-on boiling water bath canning classes to teach how to safely can high acid foods
  • Hands-on pressure canning classes to teach how to safety can low acid foods
  • Pressure dial gauge inspections
  • Individualize home preserver support via phone/e-mail

For more information about canning classes and support in your area, contact your local extension agent.