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Producing and marketing natural wood "lump" charcoal

A repository of knowledge, tips and techniques for the production, marketing, and use of wood charcoal. Since our original efforts at making and marketing all-natural, hardwood lump charcoal as the best fuel for outdoor grilling, we’ve expanded our scope to look at uses of charcoal from wood of many different tree species. Recent research has shown that wood charcoal or “biochar” can play prominent roles in the restoration of degraded soils, agroforestry, and carbon sequestration. Small diameter trees are an abundant, practical material for charcoal-making in Virginia and the southeastern United States. When used for this purpose, they help reduce risks of wildfire and serve to improve the health and growing conditions of forests in our region.


  • Be sure to visit our Forest Farming Charcoal Production YouTube Channel and check out our videos on how to integrate small-scale charcoal production into Forest Farming. Learn how to maintain a healthy forest while producing natural hardwood charcoal from your own sustainably grown wood.

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