VALOR Program

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VALOR is Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results, and offers premier leadership development for Virginia's largest industry. VALOR is a two-year program for adults in agriculture who want to develop their communication, problem solving, and critical thinking skills in addition to broadening their knowledge of global and local agriculture in the pursuit of becoming an advocate for agriculture and a leader in the industry.

The inaugural class of VALOR graduated on July 20, 2014 after completing a dynamic two-year fellowship experience including an international experience in Argentina. Class II fellows will travel and learn together in experiential settings from September 2014 through July 2016 as they develop skills necessary to propel them as leaders in Virginia’s largest industry. 

    Seminar Topics

    • Location-specific Issues (social, political, economic related to agriculture)
    • Understanding Yourself
    • Decision-Making and Advanced Problem-Solving
    • Team Building and Collaboration
    • Communicating with Others and the Industry
    • Technology in Agriculture
    • Protecting Our Environment
    • Economic Development
    • Legislative Practice and Policy Development
    • Transition and Acquisition
    • Resource Management
    • Adapting to Change
    • Servant Leadership
    • Cultural Differences
    • International Perspectives
    • Leading the Future

    Program Vision Statement

    The Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results (VALOR) program will provide a sustainable future for Virginia's agricultural community by maximizing potential for successful growth through a system of networking, collaborative decision-making, and development of strong leaders.

    VALOR Mission

    The VALOR program develops leaders who can effectively engage all segments of the Virginia agricultural community to create collaborative solutions and promote agriculture inside and outside of the industry.

    Objectives of the VALOR program

    • Enhance awareness, respect, and profitability of Virginia’s diverse agricultural systems
    • Develop new partnerships and foster deeper collaboration across Virginia’s organizations, groups, and sectors
    • Improve communication and problem-solving ability of Virginia’s agricultural leaders
    • Increase civic engagement and public affairs involvement for Virginia’s agricultural community

    Fellowship Participant Outcomes

    • Advocacy: Participants will be advocates for agriculture and leadership
    • Influence: Participants will be able to influence policy makers
    • Global Ag: Participants will have a deeper understanding of global agriculture
    • Collaboration: Participants will  be able to lead others to solutions for agricultural issues by using problem solving, collaborative decision making, and critical thinking skills