STEM in Virginia 4-H

4‑H programs are available in Virginia through local 4‑H clubs, 4‑H camps, in-school and after-school settings. 4‑H science programs provide 4‑H youth the opportunity to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through fun, hands-on activities and projects. Integration of these concepts are key for the most complete understanding of a topic. STEM can be found in a wide variety of 4-H programming and in everyday life. In Virginia 4-H, we strive to incorporate STEM and experiential learning into as many of our activities as possible- enabling our youth to develop important life skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.

Many local Virginia Cooperative Extension agents and specialists have expertise or experience in STEM programming. Several of these agents participate in coordinated programming at the State level to provide professional development opportunities to educators or to execute action plans for new STEM initiatives. As of March 2020, these Virginia Cooperative Extension agents and faculty are currently engaged with the STEM Subteam of the 4-H Positive Youth Development Program Team:

Extension provides the public with research-based information and resources from its land-grant universities. 4-H is a Cooperative Extension program comprised of a community of more than 100 public universities, volunteers, and participating youth. In Virginia, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University are combined as Virginia Cooperative Extension to serve the public. 4-H Extension specialists support 4-H agents statewide, write curriculum, help to develop programming, develop statewide partnerships, and seek funding sources. 4-H agents work to deliver 4-H programming, manage 4-H volunteers, and directly engage with youth in their locality/county. 

How can I help support 4-H or STEM in Virginia?

  1. Are you passionate about STEM and enjoy working with children? Become a 4-H Volunteer! Contact your local Virginia Cooperative Extension office today and see how you can get involved!
  2. Consider forming a partnership with 4-H at the local, state, or National level. Contact your local Virginia Cooperative Extension Office, or speak to a 4-H Specialist at the State Staff level. This is a great chance to showcase what your organization does and how STEM learning is critical!
  3. 4-H is primarily supported through monetary and materials donations. To give monetary donations to 4-H, please donate here. You may choose a local 4-H program or you can choose to support STEM statewide by selecting State Program: VSU 4-H STEAM. The STEM program in Virginia 4-H is housed at Virginia State University (VSU), but funds are used in cooperation with 4-H across the Commonwealth. Monetary donations will receive a thank-you letter from the Virginia Tech Foundation/Virginia 4-H State Staff. Local agents or Specialists can work with you to receive materials donations.

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