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Tree Identification Program

The 4-H Tree Identification project is designed to teach youth about natural resources by having them learn the most important Virginia trees and their uses.

Trees in Your Backyard is a 12-pp. project guide. Extension Agents may order it from the Distribution Center. Request Publication #420-070.

Checklist of Virginia Trees is a stand-alone piece that youth can use to mark trees as they learn them. Extension Agents may order it from the Distribution Center. Request Publication #420-065.

Recommended awards for completion of the project record are as follows:

  • 10 trees: Tree ID book, Trees of Virginia
  • 25 trees: Virginia Tech Tree Scale Stick
  • 50 trees: $50 scholarship
  • 100 trees: $100 scholarship

Counties are responsible for obtaining award monies.

Tree ID books can be purchased from the Virginia Department of Forestry for a nominal fee. We are normally pretty lenient when a 4-H'er is going for the 10 tree award. Check the list to make sure 10 trees are checked and that's it.

At the 25 tree level, someone (not necessarily a forester) should ask a question about several of the trees that are marked, such as "tell me how you identify this tree." As long as the 4-H'er can REMEMBER how to identify the tree, that is sufficient. Tree scale sticks can be purchased from the Virginia Tech Department of Forestry. Contact Arlice Banks.

When we get to the 50 and 100 tree level we are more exacting. First, ask a forester to administer an oral quiz. A forester can ask a few questions that will quickly determine if the 4-H'er really knows the trees or is just checking them. For example, sugar and Norway maple look alike. A forester would pick these two out of the list (if checked) and ask the 4-H'er how to tell the difference. If the 4-H'er answers several such questions correctly, then we know he/she is deserving of the award. If not, the 4-H'er should be encouraged to study more and try later.

Note: "Important forest plants" should only count towards the 100 tree category.

100 Trees

Houston Roberts, Nelson County, 2004
Samantha Dingus, Scott County, 2003
Aneshia Stidham, Scott County, 2003
Ashley Rose, Tazewell County, 2001
Mary Jane Epps, Albemarle County, 2000
Ben Harris, Montgomery County, 1999
Matt Kirwan, Loudoun County, 1998
Hannah Shaw, Nelson County, 2001

50 Trees

Whitney Hurd, Scott County, 2006
Steve Dula, Scotty County, 2006
Smantha Greear, Scott County, 2005
Jasmine Baker, Scott County, 2004
Melissa Deel, Scott County, 2004
Virginia Aquino, Scott County, 2004
Sara Sawyer, Scott County, 2004
Mistie Fowler, Scott County, 2003
Samantha Lucas, Scott County, 2002
Jeremy McNew, Scott County, 2002
Aaron Gillenwater, Scott County, 2001
Ashli Sluss, Scott County, 2001
Marty Reece, Scott County, 2001
Sarah Howington, Scott County, 2001
Krista Mann, Scott County, 2001
Jon Dooley, Scott County, 2001
Daniel VanPelt, Rockingham County, 2001
Mitchell Brown, Scott County, 1999
David Cecchini, Craig County, 2000

50 Trees

Daniel Cecchini, Craig County, 2000
Chris Chapman, Scott County, 1999
Heidi Clark, Rockingham County, 1999
Eliot Daniels, Carroll County, 1999
Travis Darnell, Tazewell County, 1999
Brian Dingus, Scott County, 1999
Mark Dingus, Scott County, 1999
Matthew Dunlap, Loudoun County, 1997
Mary Jane Epps, Albemarle County, 1999
Laura Ford, Rockingham County, 1999
Rebecca Ford, Rockingham County, 1999
Dustin Frazier, Giles County, 1998
Shannon Gallo, Scott County, 1999
Ryan Hanlon, Scott County, 2000
Ben Harris, Montgomery County, 1999
Luke Harris, Craig County, 2000
Stephen Keffer, Craig County, 1999
Matt Kirwan, Loudoun County, 1997
Peter Kirwan, Montgomery County, 1999
Kristin Link, Montgomery County, 2000
Kimberly Marshall, Giles County, 1998
Jeffrey Murray, Loudoun County, 1997
Rachel Paisley, Nelson County, 1999
Seth Perry, Tazewell County, 1999
John "Mac" Romberg, Loudoun County, 1997
Chris Sanders, Giles County, 1998
Hanna Shaw, Nelson County, 2000
Kate Smith, Montgomery County, 1999
Joshua Sparks, Giles County, 1998
Andrew Stempel, Brunswick County, 1999
Wes VanPelt, Rockingham County, 1999
Christy Walther, Rockingham County, 1999