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Focusing on Land Transfer to Generation "NEXT"

You value your forest and/or farmland for multiple reasons such as wildlife, privacy, recreation, timber, hunting or the scenic qualities. Are you prepared to pass the environmental and heirloom values rooted in your forest to the next generation? Without breaking it up?

While there is a price to planning an orderly transfer of land to the next generation, there is also a cost of not planning that may put your land's future in jeopardy. If you don't have a plan, your wishes for your land and legacy will be lost. By researching and planning ahead of time, you can ensure your wishes are met and minimize the financial costs and emotional challenges while securing your woodland legacy for generations to come.

Land may be your biggest asset. Make sure your actions support the family's values. This award winning and nationally recognized program will get you started on the right path. Please join us for a hands-on workshop with free legal guidance from professionals experienced in intergenerational land transfer and landowner testimonials of estate planning steps and strategies they have used.

Speakers include legal and financial experts experienced in estate planning as well as natural resource professionals who work with landowners to conserve land and plan the future.

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General Program Elements

The following elements will be presented by a variety of professionals, experienced landowners, self-discovery exercises and multi-media.

  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Family dynamics, communication & engagement
  • Conservation tools
  • Legal planning tools
  • Financial considerations and mechanisms
  • Selecting a professional advisor
  • Landowner case-studies and testimonials
  • Tips and tools to get started



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How to Register

Online registration for each program is available 2 months prior to the event.  For paper/mail-in registration, please e-mail or call one of the contacts listed above.

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Recommended Books

* Hard copies of the indicated resources will be provided to short-course participants, subject to availability.