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Common Ground

Virginia Cooperative Extension strives to build health, wealth, connectivity through collaboration with state and local agencies, non-profits, foundations, and businesses. Extension deals with complex issues by tackling family, community and societal issues at the grassroots level. VCE has a unique ability to make land-grant resources at the state, local, regional, and national levels available to individuals and communities.

Why should an agency, foundation or corporation partner to support Virginia Cooperative Extension Programs?

Virginia Cooperative Extension is Virginia’s front door to bringing science-based programs and curricula to local communities. Partnering with VCE can help to strengthen existing partnerships and build new relationships. For example, VCE’s Extension agents, research faculty, program assistants, volunteers and students work together to strengthen families, youth and farms in Virginia communities by helping them develop essential life skills.

Through this integrated process, VCE:

  • Identifies critical community and agency issues;
  • Develops science-based solutions; and
  • Provides education that positively impacts the lives of Virginia’s families and youth.

Partnership Outcomes:

Extension supports common goals to improve the quality of life of program participants, thereby creating tremendous public value. Through invaluable partnerships, we keep the network strong and viable, allowing us to focus on important societal issues, such as protecting the environment, creating a safe and affordable food supply, promoting nutrition and health, encouraging youth development, finding new energy sources, sustaining agriculture and encouraging community viability.