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Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development

Position Description


The 4-H Youth Development Agent is a professional educator who provides leadership to the local 4-H program and manages its day-to-day operation. 4-H is a community of young people learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills. The mission of 4-H is to develop youth and adults working with those youth, to realize their full potential—becoming effective, contributing citizens through participation in research-based, non-formal, hands-on educational experiences.

Major Responsibilities

  • Serve as manager of the unit 4-H Youth Development program.
  • Provide leadership to an educational process through which youth and adults learn the skills of understanding self; acquiring, analyzing and using information. communicating and relating to others; problem solving and decision making; managing resources; and working with others.
  • Plan, execute and evaluate the 4-H Youth Development program.
  • Provide leadership for 4-H Youth Development programs that meet the needs of youth regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, age, disability, or religion.
  • Identify, recruit, train, support, and manage volunteers to implement and carry out the 4-H educational programming in the unit.
  • Follow the guidelines and policies of the Virginia 4-H Youth Development program.
  • Determine unit program needs by monitoring trends and issues, and conducting unit assessments involving the unit Extension Leadership Council (ELC) and other leadership committees.
  • Network and build coalitions with other agencies, organizations and institutions to address the complex youth and family issues and the needs of the 4-H program.
  • Work as a partner of a team to promote unit, district, state, national, and international programs and priorities with 4-H.
  • Coordinate day-to-day activities and events associated with the unit 4-H program including 4-H delivery (community 4-H clubs, project 4-H clubs, school enrichment 4-H, after-school 4-H, special interest 4-H, and 4-H camping).
  • Develop and maintain a systematic fund raising plan for private support of the unit 4-H program on an annual basis.
  • Develop and deliver objective and research-based educational programs to meet the needs of diverse audiences, specify program goals and objectives, and identify resources needed.
  • Inform clientele of program activities.
  • Use appropriate technologies to plan and deliver programs through workshops, seminars, conferences, one-on-one visits, field trips, and tours.
  • Organize and maintain a multi-level system of recognition and incentives for youth and volunteers in the program on an annual basis.
  • Use computer applications for the development and delivery of educational programs and for program management.
  • Maintain knowledge of current research information and participate in staff development programs.
  • Develop and implement evaluation plans on a regular basis.
  • Working with the unit support staff, organize and maintain unit 4-H files and records of 4-H activities.
  • Working with the unit support staff, maintain an inventory of unit 4-H project and educational support materials.
  • Encourage and promote active volunteer involvement in the Virginia Association of Adult 4-H Volunteer Leaders (VAA4-HVL).
  • Implement, evaluate, and report the 4-H Youth Development program to key stakeholders and administration, reporting impacts to clientele, the public, supporters, and VCE administration.
  • Willing to assume other duties as necessary.
  • Programming will be conducted in compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Civil Rights policies and procedures.

Required Educational Qualifications

Must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree (BA or BS) at time of employment in a relevant discipline from a credited college or university; master’s degree is preferred. A master’s degree and promotion to Extension Agent are required no later than the sixth year of employment.

Other Qualifications

  • Knowledge and experience in planning, conducting, and evaluating participatory Extension or non-formal education programs.
  • Understanding and ability to conduct community needs assessment to determine program priorities.
  • Knowledge of child and human development.
  • Knowledge and willingness of adult involvement and working relationships.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Basic knowledge in educational technologies and their appropriate use in the development and delivery of educational programs.
  • Program marketing skills.
  • Knowledge and willingness to involve and manage volunteers in program development and delivery.
  • Maintain a personal commitment to working with diverse clientele and colleagues, and a willingness to further the civil rights goals of Virginia Cooperative Extension.