How to Apply

  1. Review the general internship job description to see if this job matches your career goals.

  2. Review the internship qualifications to see if you are eligible to apply.

  3. Select the locations of the specific internship(s) that you are interested in, by viewing the locations of current internship opportunities. Summer internship position locations and descriptions are routinely posted in late-February each year.

  4. Students who are interested in being considered for an internship apply by responding to the application Qualtrics survey at this link.  You will be asked to submit a cover letter describing why you are interested in the VCE internship program and why you would be a good candidate. Be prepared to identify the units to which you are applying to.  You will be asked to provide a resume & the names and contact information for three references.  You will need to request a copy of your latest official college or university transcript from your Registrar Office. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted.  After completing your application, please mail your official transcripts to Mary Roop, Virginia Tech (VCE), 115 Hutcheson Hall (0908), Blacksburg, VA 24061.  If your college or university only sends official transcripts electronically, then have the Registrar send it by email to:

  5. Application review will begin on March 10 and accepted applications will be forwarded to unit offices on March 17. We will continue to accept applications until all intern positions are filled.

  6. Upon completion of the Application Review process, the internship applicants will be notified of their applicaiton status via e-mail.  Then the application packets of qualified applicants will be forwarded to unit offices - beginning on the March 18 release date.

  7. Someone from the Extension unit office for which you applied will communicate with you about interviews and make final decisions about intern selections.