Transportation Energy

Transportation experts are developing alternative fuels and hybrid vehicles. Within TravelWise: Transforming Transportation, you will find a list of hybrid-car dealers, information on fuel performance, and an explanation of vehicle tax credits.

The Virginia Energy Savers Handbook also offers tips for reducing transportation energy use and expenses.

  • Alternative Fuels reviews a listing of alternative fuels including biodiesel, electricity, ethanol, hydrogen, methanol, natural gas, propane, and P-Series. Also offers an opportunity to compare fuel properties.
  • Hybrid Vehicles presents a listing of hybrid car dealers, hybrid car classifieds, and a gas mileage impact calculator. Also, compare various vehicle's fuel mileage.
  • Hybrid Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles defines the HEV technologies and the research of the National Renewal Energy Laboratory.
  • GreenerCars offers a list of the automobiles rated as environmental "green." A fee-based subscription services is also available.
  • Fuel Performance addresses the research on fuels performance.
  • The Virginia Energy Savers Handbook suggests tips for reducing energy and expenses incurred in transportation.
  • Vehicle Fuel Economy the official US government source for fuel economy information.
  • Vehicle Tax Credits defines the tax credit and provides responses to several questions.