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High-quality hops are an essential component of craft beer. This site provides region-specific information for those currently growing hops, as well as those interested in this specialty horticultural crop.

Virginia Hop Growers in the News*

*News articles are shared to provide context for the increased public attention towards this crop. Virginia Cooperative Extension is not responsible for the content of these items and does not endorse these products/producers/services and does not intend discrimination against other products/producers/services.  

Hops Analysis from Virginia Tech Enology Analytical Laboratory: The Virginia Tech Enology Analytical Services Laboratory was established in 2006 to serve the needs of the growing Virginia Wine Industry. At the request of hop growers and Virginia Cooperative Extension, hops analysis was added to the lab’s standard analytical services. The lab can report on moisture, acids, and essential oils from samples submitted and the lab website provides an overview of sampling procedures, testing options, and results interpretation.

Publications: Virginia Cooperative Extension’s hops publications can be found under “Featured Publications” on the sidebar to the right of this page. Our publications include an industry factsheet, a Virginia pest management guide, a weed control guide, and more. Additional useful publications from out-of-state programs can be found under the “Websites” tab.

Soil Testing: This service is available for hops, and samples submitted with the crop code for hops (code 75) will return with fertilizer and lime recommendations based upon soil test results. For information about this service and sampling instructions, visit the Virginia Tech Soil Testing Lab webpage. To submit a sample, you will need the correct sample box and form, which you can obtain from your local Extension office.

Weed Identification Clinic, Plant Disease Clinic, and Insect Identification Lab: Each of these services from Virginia Tech can be accessed via your local Extension agent, who can provide you with guidance about proper sampling and submission procedures. Find your nearest Extension office.

Resource for Loudon County: Hops Suitability Model for examining the potential hop-growing suitability of sites within the county.

Industry Groups

  • Old Dominion Hops Cooperative: This Virginia-based grower organization provides networking and education, promotes the crop to stakeholders and brewers, and offers educational opportunities to growers.
  • Loudoun Hops Association: This Northern Virginia-based grower organization provides support, education, and networking to growers and aims to meet local demand with a high-quality product.
  • Northeast Hop Alliance: NeHA is a coalition of growers, brewers, and stakeholders interested in supporting commercial hops production in the Northeast U.S.
  • Southern Appalachian Hops Guild: A grower association made up of small scale hop farmers and brewers whose mission is to further the cultivation and share good growing practices of hops in the Eastern U.S.
  • Hop Growers of America: A trade organization for hop growers which provides education, grower support, statistics, and trade information.

State and Federal Agencies and Programs

These agencies offer services, technical support, and programs which may be of use to hop growers.

To see our Virginia resources, view “Featured Publications” on the right sidebar, click on “Services,” and click on “Agencies and Organizations.”

Below, you will find a list of more out-of-state hops Extension programs and publications which may also be helpful to Virginia growers.

Hops Extension Pages from Nearby States

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