Summer Internship Program: Hanover County

hanover map

Primary Program Area Focus:   ANR

1. Describe your plans for this internship.  (i.e. What specifically will the intern be doing?) 


  • Collaborate with ANR and regional FCS SNAP-ED agent to promote & provide programming at local Farmers' Markets.
  • Farm visits with ANR agent.
  • Assist at livestock nominations for State Fair entries.
  • Assist with YQCA training for youth livestock members.
  • Monitor and document test plots for disease, pests and growth patterns.
  • Attend Soil and Water Conservation District meetings.
  • Attend Hanover Farm Bureau meetings.
  • Attend Hanover County Directors Monthly meeting.
  • Do ride-alongs with large animal vet.
  • Assist in all facets of 50 Mile Meal.  Produce a step by step manual for the event along with a review and recommendations.
  • Organize, recruit, and facilitate two youth canning classes.  Programs to include bramble horticulture and peach orchard management, small business entrepreneurship, agritourism, food safety, and product marketing.
  • Assist in well water testing workshop.
  • Attend Hanover Master Gardener Association meeting and staff help desk.
  • Answer phones; learn about relationship between state, VT, county, extension and different funding streams. Work on website to enhance Qualtrics registrations.
  • Update facebook postings.
  • Assist in camp administration and logistics-lodging assignments, paperwork, newsletter writing and distribution, teen training and supervision.
  • Collaborate with Volunteer Coordinator to develop, market VCE volunteer recruitment materials using multiple media outlets to reach underserved and diverse audiences. Identify new areas of need for volunteers.  Assist in basic volunteer training including Civil Rights, ADA, and Risk Management.

2. Describe the knowledge / skills you expect the intern to gain from this experience.

Organizational/prioritization skills, communication and graphic arts, production horticulture in Hanover County, using a dichotomous key, Positive Youth Development, marketing, food safety, entrepreneurship, career exploration, volunteer management, VCE mission and its application to locality, customer service, evaluation and impact measurement, enhanced social and online media skills.

3. How will the intern learn about the breadth of VCE and our various program areas?

Many of our unit programs are inter-disciplinary; content may change but context does not.  Intern will work with 4-H, FCS SNAP-ED and ANR agents, Volunteer Coordinator and UAA to experience the diversity of jobs within one unit and on campus (VSU, VT), ARECS with whom we collaborate.

  • Listen to a First Friday and Third Thursday webinars.  
  • Attend DPLT meeting.
  • Interview volunteers, clients, stakeholders and collaborators
  • Explore websites/facebook of units, VCE, VSU and eXtension.
  • Read, understand and apply the mission of VCE.
  • Review Title IX training and Civil Rights Compliance.
  • Read 229 Annual Report from last two years.
  • Read VSU “Connection Magazine”.
  • Read Hanover and other counties’ Situational Analyses.