Summer Internship Program: Henrico County

henrico map

Primary Program Area Focus:   ANR, 4-H, and FCS

1. Describe your plans for this internship.  (i.e. What specifically will the intern be doing?)

  • Help coordinate the SMART Lawns program in the summer to relieve some of the workload from Horticulture technician.  This would allow the Horticulture technician to help write nutrient management plans along with the AG agent.
  • Help develop programming for our special events booths.  Right now we only have 1 topic developed and we need to develop multiples.  This would involve researching topics, developing props, and writing scripts/bullet points for volunteers.
  • Help the Junior Master Gardener volunteers develop several new lessons and develop a lesson library.
    • Update our speaker’s bureau presentations.
    • Create an updated look to the presentations – many presentations look old
    • Work with the master gardeners in the speaker’s bureau program to write scripts/talking points for presentations where the scripts/talking points are missing.  This will allow more master gardeners to be able to present the presentations.
    • Develop handouts/reference sheets of appropriate, related VCE publications to be handed out at presentations.
    • Gather all presentations and related material and distribute to speaker’s bureau volunteers via flash drive/CD to make sure everyone has current presentations.
  • Tree Smarts program
    • Help with planning for the fall 2017 tree smarts presentations
    • Create herbarium samples to be used by the agent in teaching the Tree Smarts program
    • Write several articles for the new ANR newsletter to be published in September and December
    • Write several short informational pieces for Facebook.  These pieces would be on timely turf, vegetable, tree and disease/insect topics.
  • Shadow the AG agent on several presentations.
  • Assist with 4-H Junior Camp and day camps
  • Shadow Family and Consumer Sciences Agent

2. Describe the knowledge / skills you expect the intern to gain from this experience.  (ANR)

  • Customer service skills through interactions with clients involved in SMART Lawns program.
  • GIS skills gained through work in SMART Lawns program.
  • Curriculum development skills helping to document JMG programs and correlate them with VA SOL's
  • Time management skills in order to do many different tasks during the week
  • Improved PowerPoint skills through reviewing and updating Speakers bureau presentations that need updating and refreshing.
  • Improved technical writing skills through writing informational pieces on timely ANR topics to be published in local paper or through social media channels

3. How will the intern learn about the breadth of VCE and our various program areas?

By working in an office with a full complement of extension agents covering FCS, 4-H and ANR the intern will be able to see how each of the different programs operates.  Intern would also be exposed to SNAP ED.  Depending on programming, intern may get hands on experience working with the agents to see the various ways programs are delivered and offered.