Summer Internship Program: Madison County

Madison County

Primary Program Area Focus: 4-H  

1. Describe your plans for this internship.  (i.e. What specifically will the intern be doing?)

Youth Programming 

  • Summer programming efforts – Local youth have limited access to community activities beyond sports. With the reduction in the local school budget summer school enrichment programs have been eliminated. 4-H can help fill this gap by engaging youth in hands-on educational opportunities. The intern will plan 3-5 workshops, recruit volunteers, deliver educational content and evaluate workshops for youth ages 5 – 18. The intern will also work with the local boys and girls club to provide programming to underserved audiences.
  • Junior Camp - The intern will also be involved in the delivery of Junior Camp which involves approximately 100 local youth
  • Promotional Materials – The intern will learn to develop promotional material to support programming efforts.

Agriculture and Natural Resources Programming

  • Local Food Systems - The intern will assist the ANR Agent in developing and managing direct marketing opportunities for fruit and vegetable growers and conduct community events that link the farms to the community and consumers.
  • Other local agriculture related experiences as opportunities arise including: soil/forage testing, livestock marketing, crop evaluation, etc….

Self-guided project determined by the intern that relates to an issue revealed in the Madison County Situational Analysis.

2. Describe the knowledge / skills you expect the intern to gain from this experience.

  • Program planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Skills in working with youth and adult audiences
  • Volunteer Management skills
  • Leadership and Teamwork skills
  • Developing committee, conducting a business meeting and work as a team member.
  • Organizational and logistical skills necessary to conduct a program.
  • Developing marketing materials for the public, social media and mass media.
  • Program planning: develop strategies to accomplish goals.
  • Program delivery: facilitates planned events and activities by assembling
    materials, communicating with participants, assisting volunteers and teaching as necessary.
  • Customer service skills: learn to interact in an office environment and in a
    professional manner.

3. How will the intern learn about the breadth of VCE and our various program areas?

  • The intern’s plan of work will be inclusive of all VCE program areas.
  • Intern will spend time with all agents in the office to learn their role and responsibilities within VCE
  • Intern will interact with VCE clientele in office setting and get experience serving local community.
  • Intern will review the Unit POW and situation analysis programming priority areas that were used to determine the unit plan of work program strategies. 
  • The intern will be directly involved in executing some of those program strategies via the Extension programming model. 
  • Intern will explore website to become more familiar with VCE and program areas.