Summer Internship Program: Prince William County

Prince Wiliam County

1. Primary Program Area Focus: 4-H and ANR

Primary duties:

  • Evaluate BEST Lawns program participants using Qualtrics annual post survey; Collect, manage and interpret data for reporting.

  • Assist 4-H program with developing resources for the summer programming season:

    • Work with staff to implement design concepts, create materials and assist with preparation and planning of summer educational and day camping opportunities

  • Assist Staff with developing volunteer schedule for summer programming, communicating with volunteers 

  • Present at 4-H day camp covering ENR program topic

  • Support Teaching Garden through attending work days 

Secondary duties:

  • Assist staff and volunteers with site visits; conduct soil tests, measure site and report information for nutrient management plans

  • Assist 4-H with Junior camp preparation/planning; attend 4-H Junior camp if staff need help

  • Assist staff with other duties as needed and available

2. Describe the knowledge / skills you expect the intern to gain from this experience.

Using Qualtrics online surveys, assist staff with creating an evaluation, communicate with participants, collect and analyze data for program evaluation; Use imagination to create interactive activities for Children’s Barn, identify and locate resources for the activities; Use organizational skills to assist with scheduling volunteers to staff the Children’s Barn; create effective educational displays;  acquire and improve volunteer management techniques; improve public speaking skills to make presentations for Fair Camp and the public.  

3. How will the intern learn about the breadth of VCE and our various program areas?

Intern will work with the ENR and 4-H programs exclusively to support the primary and secondary duties listed above, filling in on the secondary duties as available.  Intern will attend staff meetings, assist programs with daily needs that arise with last minute deadlines.