Summer Internship Program: Pulaski County


Primary Program Area Focus: 4-H and ANR

1. Describe your plans for this internship.  (i.e. What specifically will the intern be doing?)

Morgan Paulette, ANR Extension Agent, and Chris Lichty, 4-H Extension Agent, would like to provide the opportunity for a Summer Intern to work with ANR and 4-H. 

The applicant must have a general working knowledge and understanding of Extension and an interest to work with our ANR and 4-H Agents, as the Summer Intern will be an active and integral part of the Extension team from the first to the last day of the internship.   

With ANR, the summer intern will be assisting the ANR Agent with an on-farm research project, farm visits, collecting soil and forage samples, and planning and implementing producer programs. The intern will also be involved with wool collection, pesticide applicator re-certifications, and assisting with feeder calf sales. This ANR program is heavily focused on livestock, dairy, and forages.  

Through 4-H, the summer intern will be highly involved in planning all aspects of planning and participating with 4-H Camp, play an active role with planning, coordinating, and managing the 4-H Adopt-A-Spot, helping coordinate NRV Fair Youth Exhibits and Livestock Events, planning and preparing for 4-H In-School Clubs for the 2020-2021 school year and other programs as identified.

The intern will also be tasked with several independent projects such as planning and implementing a program, delivering a presentation, and developing promotional materials.

2. Describe the knowledge / skills you expect the intern to gain from this experience.

  • The intern will gain a better understanding of Extension’s daily work schedule along with daily demands. 

  • The intern will see how Extension’s presence and work truly benefits the community. 

  • The intern will learn professional etiquette ~ Interpersonal Skills, Community Skills, and Evaluation Skills, to effectively communicate within Extension and the community.

  • The intern will learn the VCE Programming Model and gain experience implementing it.

3. How will the intern learn about the breadth of VCE and our various program areas?

The intern will work with VCE Agents in ANR and 4-H, to gain a better understanding of programs provided by VCE and the planning that goes into quality, educational, community-based programs.

  • The intern’s training and responsibilities will be hands-on. This is not an observational opportunity, but a chance for the intern to be trained by VCE and then educate the community based on this training and under the supervision of the ANR and 4-H Agents.

  • The intern will gain an understanding of and appreciation for the role that VCE plays in the community through partnerships and collaboration.

The intern will be given an opportunity to explore ways in which he/she can obtain a career in Extension. The chosen candidate will work under the direction of the 4-H agent.