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  • Virginia 4-H’s Horsemanship Skills Program, which began in 2013, emphasizes safety in all equine activities and aims to develop horsemanship skills and recognize individual achievement in a non-competitive, progressive program. Virginia 4-H members are required to complete Horsemanship Skill Levels 1 & 2 in order to be eligible for the 4-H Championship Horse & Pony Show. In 2018, 4-Hers were able to apply for testing at Level 3 and Level 4 at the state show. See the state show page for more information for the application process.  

Skills Calendar

Program Information

Trained Evaluators  - by District

This list has been compiled from evaluator trainings across the state. Please allow at least two weeks after an evaluator training for information to be updated and posted.

Evaluated Riders - by Unit

This list is compiled from information sent by evaluation managers. Please allow at least two weeks after a rider evaluation for information to be updated and posted.

Submission Forms

If you have recently hosted an evaluator training or a rider evaluation, please fill out the appropriate form below and submit within two weeks of the training or evaluation.

Hosting Application

If you are interested in hosting a rider evaluation, you will need to fill out the form posted below and submit it to your district horse council. Once your evaluation has been approved, you will need to send the date and information to Sandy Arnold so that it can be added to the appropriate calendars.

Evaluator Trainings

Evaluator Trainings serve the purpose of training new Evaluators who will be certified to test for Horsemanship Skills, and once certified, they will be added to the lilst of Trained Evaluators. Evaluator Trainings may only be hosted by individuals from the Trainer List. Two Trainers must be present at an Evaluator Training. If you have any questions about the Horsemanship Skills Program or wish to inquire about scheduling an Evaluator Training, please contact your District Horse Council. Dates will be announced on the listserve and PDF calendar as needed.


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