4-H at Home with Horses

The Virginia 4-H Horse Ambassadors have launched a series of 4-H at Home with Horses lessons for youth of all ages, to address the need for at home studies on various horse topics. We hope you will use and enjoy these resources as they are posted weekly!   Visit our YouTube channel to view the playlist of all episodes.

Episode 1 - Audrey Interviews Her Vet About Vaccinations for Her Mini

Episode 2 - Making Homemade Horse Treats with Mattie

Episode 3 - Making a Cardboard Pony Craft with Kayla

Episode 4 - Make a Flippable First Aid Field Guide & Have Fun with "First Aid Frenzy" Activities with Samantha

Episode 5 - Farrier Chat with Audrey

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Mounted Activities:
Specialist - Leona Ransdell

Unmounted Activities:
Associate - Sandy Arnold


Horse Program Advising Leadership