Summer Internship Program: Greene County

Greene County

Primary Program Area Focus: 4-H, ANR, and FCS

1. Describe your plans for this internship.  (i.e. What specifically will the intern be doing?)

As part of the VCE-Greene staff, the summer intern will have the opportunity to work with 4-H Agent and Unit Coordinator Kathy Alstat, Sarah Weaver Sharpe, (Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent Greene), as well as other Extension Agents serving Greene and Planning District 10.   Under the guidance of the Greene agents, the intern will be coordinating our Local Foods Challenge at the Greene County Fair in late June/early July, which is a joint program that combines 4-H, FCS and ANR programming.  The Local Foods Challenge is a relatively new program that is a hybrid of the 4-H Food Challenge competition and local foods education programs.  Its purpose is to encourage families to utilize local foods in their everyday diet, and promote and encourage local producers.  Responsibilities will include planning and interfacing with members of the Greene County Fair Board, advertising and promoting the event through various traditional and social media outlets, managing registrations soliciting sponsors, recruiting judges, as well as organizing equipment and supplies for the event.  The intern will also be responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of the event by interviewing or surveying participants and members of the audience.

In addition, the intern will assist with a variety of programs that may include 4-H summer programming, visiting local farms and businesses, working with farmers’ markets and local foods networks, or assisting with family or community programs.   The intern will be responsible for planning and implementing one or more special projects of their choice that would involve Agriculture, Youth Development, and Family and Consumer sciences serving the Greene community.  The intern will be responsible for marketing their unit programs through conventional media such as newspapers, radio and television, as well as social media (Facebook, YouTube or Twitter), as well as assisting current agents and staff in promoting Extension programs locally.

2. Describe the knowledge / skills you expect the intern to gain from this experience.

Interns will first learn day-to-day office and Extension programming procedures by shadowing and assisting agents and staff.  The intern will learn Extension program planning, implementation and evaluation through the Extension Programming cycle.  This process will include a needs assessment with stakeholders and discussion with members of the local Extension Leadership Council, planning and resource management, advertising and promotion, implementing the program or activity and evaluating the program.   The intern will learn to find and use Extension resources and publications and evaluation tools, interact with clientele and recruit volunteers or staff to assist them. The intern would gain experience by assisting agents, then choose one or more special projects to develop independently, and budgeting time and resources to complete the program. By taking charge of both the Local Foods Challenge and a program event of their choice, the intern would gain first-hand experience in planning implementing and evaluating programming.

3. How will the intern learn about the breadth of VCE and our various program areas?

Through 4-H, the intern will have the opportunity to attend 4-H Congress and 4-H Summer Camp, as well as selectively work with summer programming and club management. The intern will be encouraged to attend and assist with ANR and FCS programming within the county, as well as within the planning district and will be encouraged to shadow agents and staff in other units.  The intern would also be encouraged to collaborate with other summer interns in the planning district on programs that could benefit a larger area.  The intern would also be assisting agents with the unit plan of work.  In Greene this would mean working on interdisciplinary farm-to-fable such as the Local Foods Challenge and other programs and increasing community awareness of Extension resources.