State Fair of Virginia Youth Livestock Shows

Date: October 3 - 6, 2019
LocationThe Meadow Event Park - Doswell, VA
Contact: Katherine Carter- (540) 231-2257  Scott Greiner- (540)231-9159
Schedule: 2019 SFVA Youth Livestock Show Schedule
Additional information: State Fair of Virginia official web site

ALL YOUTH EXHIBITING BEEF, SHEEP, SWINE, OR MEAT GOATS at the State Fair of Virginia MUST BE Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) Certified before August 15th!

YQCA trainings are offered at district levels. For YQCA training dates across the Commonwealth, please visit the YQCA web site  for more details. 

How to print your YQCA certificate

If you are not certified by August 15th, you will not be allowed to exhibit at the 2019 State Fair of Virginia!

Thank you to our 2019 Youth Livestock Show Sponsors!

2019 State Fair of Virginia

Tag Requirements and Nomination Policies

 Sheep and Goats:  Receive a YELLOW official SFVA RFID Tag at nomination and should be weighed.  Sheep complete a YELLOW Nomination Form and Goats complete a GREEN Nomination Form.

Market Beef (Steers and Heifers):  Must have an official SFVA Visual Tag and an RFID tag.  If, the animal already has an RFID tag/button and a herd visual tag, then replace the visual tag with a YELLOW SFVA visual tag.  If the animal does NOT have an RFID tag/button, then tag with a white RFID/VISUAL SFVA combo tag.  ***All market beef must be tagged with either a yellow visual SFVA tag or a white SFVA combo tag.  Beef complete a BLUE Nomination Form.

Commercial Heifers:  Must have a visual tag AND an RFID tag.  If the heifer has an RFID Tag and a herd visual tag, then complete the nomination form with the required information – she does not need to be retagged.  If the heifer             has an RFID button, but no visual tag, then tag with an official SFVA YELLOW visual tag.  If the heifer does NOT have a RFID tag or Visual tag, then tag with a WHITE RFID/VISUAL SFVA combo tag.  Beef complete a BLUE Nomination Form

 Hogs:  Please follow the official requirements for self-nominating hogs.  This information can be found on the Virginia Youth Livestock Website . When youth           request/pick-up hog tags, they will also need a PINK Nomination form.

Immediate Care of Ear Tags:

Ear tag sites are susceptible to infection if proper care and attention is not provided. The area around the tag should be inspected daily until fully healed. Sometimes the tag itself needs to be adjusted to ensure the wound closes and prevent the tag from imbedding into the ear. Application of rubbing alcohol or other disinfectants may help prevent infection and speed healing. In severe cases consult your veterinarian. If the tag must be removed (final solution/last resort) contact the State Livestock Office prior to removal for instructions on the proper procedure to document and replace the tag (see below).

Policy for Lost Ear Tags:

    1) Exhibitors who have livestock that lose, tear, or damage the official SFVA     nomination tag should contact Katherine Carter at (540) 231-2257.  Show     officials need to be contacted within 5 days of the tag being lost or     damaged. Verification of identification and re-tagging will be conducted by     show officials.  Absence of an official tag when required will result in loss of     eligibility to show.  This includes lost tags that have not been properly reported to     show officials.

    2) All market lambs/commercial ewes, market goats/ commercial does, market     hogs/breeding gilts, as well as market beef must have an official State Fair of     Virginia tag intact in ear at the State Fair to be eligible for exhibition.            Commercial heifers must have the documented visual tag and the documented     EID/RFID tag as it appears on the exhibitor’s nomination form.


State Fair of Virginia Entry Process:

Nomination and tagging of animals does not constitute final entry for exhibition at the State Fair of Virginia.  ALL Lambs, goats, hogs, and cattle must also be properly entered for State Fair of Virginia.  Entries must be made on-line utilizing the FairEntry system.  The 2019 SFVA FairEntry system will open for entries on July 1, 2019 and can be accessed at State Fair of Virginia information, rules and regulations may be accessed on-line at


Livestock Identification

The livestock exhibits for the State Fair of Virginia (SFVA) have been identified with an electronic ear tag.  This does not replace the need for a scrapie tag in sheep and goats. The tag contains an RFID (radio frequency identification) microchip, which contains a 15-digit identification number.  This electronic 15-digit number is different for every animal (similar to your social security number).  With the aid of computer technology, the 15-digit number from the tag can be read electronically and used as identification much like the visual ear tags that are currently used.  The tags in your livestock are also stamped with a visual number, so that they can be read both visually and electronically.  At the State Fair of Virginia, these tags will be read electronically when the livestock are weighed.  Please note that the integrity of the electronic tag relies on keeping the microchip intact, and damage may result from tampering.

Electronic tags are now commonly used in several livestock species. Electronic tags utilized in conjunction with computer program technology, greatly enhances on-farm production record keeping systems for animal management. Additionally, electronic tags are recognized as official identification for animal health and traceability programs including USDA’s Animal Disease Traceability Program. The goal of this program is to maintain the health of U.S. livestock through enhanced disease control and eradication capabilities.  For more information on these topics visit the following web sites or contact your local Virginia Cooperative Extension office:

Virginia Animal Identification Program web page:

United States Department of Agriculture Animal Disease Traceability home page:

Livestock tags provided by Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Animal Identification Program, with support from USDA APHIS Veterinary Services

Nominations for lambs, goats, and beef for the 2019 State Fair of Virginia will take place at various locations around the state.  All youth who plan to exhibit market lambs, commercial ewe lambs, market goats, commercial does, market steers/heifers, and/or commercial heifers, at the 2019 State Fair of Virginia are required to bring their animals to one of the following sites for identification:

Date & Time

Location (for directions please call site contact person)

Northern Virginia Region- Contact Person: Corey Childs, (540) 635-4549,

Thursday, June 6 (BEEF CALL AHEAD)

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Shenandoah County Fairgrounds

Woodstock, VA

Monday, June 24

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Clarke County Fairgrounds

Berryville, VA

Shenandoah Valley Region (Augusta)- Contact Person: John Benner, (540) 245-5750,, Corey Childs, (540) 635-4549,

Thursday, June 27th

4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Jeff Slaven; Cattlemen’s Supply

752 Burketown Road, Weyers Cave, VA

Shenandoah Valley Region (Rockbridge) – Contact Person:  Katherine Carter, (540) 231-2257,, Marnie Caldwell, (540) 460-4707

Friday, June 14th

4:00 – 7:00 pm

Smith Farms

110 Fox Hunt Road, Glasgow, VA

New River Valley Region - Contact Person: Katherine Carter, (540) 231-2257,

Monday, June 17

6:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Virginia Tech Alphin-Stuart Livestock Arena

Blacksburg, VA

Southwest Virginia (Wytheville)- Contact Person: Katherine Carter, (540) 231 - 2257,

Saturday, June 22nd (Sheep and Goats Only)

8:00 am – 10:00 am

Virginia Lamb and Goat Symposium – APEX Center

Wytheville, VA

Southwest Virginia Region (Abingdon)- Contact Person: Morgan Paulette, (540) 980-7761,,

Thursday, June 20 (PLEASE CALL AHEAD)

6:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Southwest Virginia 4-H Center

Abingdon, VA

Central Virginia Region (Louisa)- Contact Person: Jenny Thompson, (540) 967-3422 ext. 3425,; Kim Mayo, (434) 591-1950 ext. 1001,  

Monday, June 17 (BEEF CALL AHEAD)

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.


Quaker Hill Farm

5728 Poindexter Road, Louisa, VA


Central Virginia Region (Madison) – Contact Person: Kelly Mallory, (540) 948-6881,

Thursday, June 13 (complete form

or call ahead  4:30 – 6:30 pm


Senterfitt/VA Cattle Company Livestock Market

5866 Orange Rd  Radiant, VA


Southside Virginia Region- Contact Person: Becky Roberts, (434) 432-7770,;

Monday, June 24th

4:00 – 6:00 pm.

Old Dominion Ag Complex

19783 US-29  Chatham, VA

Tidewater Region- Contact Person: Cynthia Gregg, (434) 848-2151,;   Jocelyn Pearson (757) 382-6612,

Thursday, June 20

4:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Southern Piedmont Agricultural Research & Extension Center Livestock Unit, Blackstone, VA

Tuesday, June 11  (LAMBS/GOATS ONLY)

3:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Lehman Farms

Lehman Road, Chesapeake, VA

Northern Neck Region – Contact Person: Rachel Grosse, (804) 598-5640,;

Tuesday, June 4 (PLEASE CALL AHEAD)

4:00 – 7:00 p.m. (YQCA training to be offered)

The Meadow Event Park

Doswell, VA


Swine will be self-nominated again for 2019.  See the VA Youth Livestock Website for details.

ALL HOGS are still required to be nominated in order to show.

2019 State Fair of Virginia Swine Nomination Requirements

In 2019, the State Fair of Virginia nomination process for all swine will be conducted as it has been for the past several years. There will not be any official nominations sites for hogs; please see below for theREQUIRED method of nominating hogs to be eligible for show at the State Fair of Virginia. It is the 4-H member’s RESPONSIBILITY to complete all necessary steps by August 1, 2019. We will not accept any late nominations.


1.  TO OBTAIN EAR TAGS and a NOMINATION FORM:   Email the closest site coordinator listed in the Nomination Site listings ( to arrange pick-up of tags and nomination form.  Include in your email the number of tags required and the date planned for tagging the hogs. If youth/parents need assistance tagging the hogs, we will facilitate you working with your local Extension agent or closest site coordinator to make arrangements to tag swine.

    a. TAGGING REQUESTS MUST BE MADE BY JULY 15, 2019!  Requests         made after July 15th are not guaranteed to be fulfilled.


2. Members/parents must apply one tag to one ear of each hog.

    a. ONLY Allflex ear tag applicators will work. The local Extension office has a limited supply of taggers that may be checked out for a period of 24 hours. Please disinfect taggers and return them to the Extension office in a timely manner so that another family may use them.

3.  A minimum of TWO photos of each hog nominated will need to be taken.

    a. The first picture needs to show that the ear tag was properly applied. Make       sure that the picture clearly indicates the ear tag number and the ear of the hog.

    b. The second picture needs to show a profile of the hog, so that all markings         are clearly identified. This picture will be used in the event the hog loses its         tag. IF THE HOG CANNOT BE IDENTIFIED (either by ear notch or picture),         THEY WILL BECOME INELIGIBLE TO SHOW AT THE STATE FAIR OF         VIRIGNIA.

    c. If the hog has ear notches, and a picture can easily be taken, please include a         picture of the notches, along with the other two pictures.

    d. PLEASE REMEMBEROnly one hog should be in each picture. Each hog         needs to be individually identified (i.e. if you have 3 hogs you will upload 6         pictures).


4. The nomination form will need to be filled out in its entirety, including ear     notches, home tag, color, and any visible markings.  ONLY ONE EXHIBITOR     PER NOMINATION FORM.


    a.Failure to submit nomination information by AUGUST 1ST, 2019 will result in ineligibility to exhibit swine at the State Fair of Virginia.

If you have any questions or concerns about the swine nomination method, please contact:

  1.  Your Local Extension Agent
  2. Katherine Carter (540-231-2257) or


Information about PEDv and biosecurity measures is available from the National Pork Board. Web link:

A special fact sheet for exhibitors and/or sale animals is available

An Extension fact sheet on how to properly apply an ear tag is available at

A YouTube video on how to properly apply an ear tag is also available at

Acceptable hog nomination pictures:  examples available at

Skill-a-thon Competitions

Agriscience Research Poster Contest at the State Fair of Virginia

  • Registration Deadline - TBD
  • Date: TBD
  • Compeition Guide

2018 State Fair of Virginia Sale of Champions

The State Fair of Virginia will host the Sale of Champions again in 2018. This sale is open to the Champion and Reserve Champion Market Beef, Market Goat, Market Lamb, and Market Hog winners. 

Carrie Joines was the SFVA photographer. For pictures and purchase information, please visit




Scott Greiner
(540) 231-9159

Bain Wilson
(540) 231- 5253

Katherine Carter
(540) 231-2257

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