Junior Beef Round-up

Virginia Beef Expo: Wednesday, April 16- Friday, April 19th
Junior Beef Roundup: Saturday, April 18-Sunday, April 19th
Location: Rockingham County Fairgrounds - Harrisonburg, Virginia
Map: Rockingham County Fairgrounds Map/Directions 
Schedule: 2020 Virginia Beef Expo Tentative Schedule of Events 

Exhibitor Information

  • 2020 Junior Beef Roundup Rules
    • Please see the tab Youth Beef Show and Rules and Entry information for direct link to online entry system.
  • Rockingham County Fairgrounds Map/Directions
  • Stalling will be pre-assigned. Please check-in prior to unloading cattle and equipment. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

With the rising costs of putting on the Junior Beef Roundup, we are asking for the youth to play a larger role in helping fund the show. Additional efforts are being taken to address this challenge via avenues such as program advertisements and solicitation of new corporate sponsors. This show could not happen without the support of our industry and the many people involved. The Junior Beef Roundup Champion Program is a way to garner support of the show. While this program is completely voluntary, we do encourage our youth to step forward and work to make a difference.

The youth participating in the Junior Beef Roundup may ask friends, family, and businesses to become a “Champion” in support of the Junior Beef Roundup. Tax deductible receipts will be provided for gifts over $25

Junior Beef Roundup Champion Levels:

  • $100 in cumulative donations-  $25 gift certificate to the youth securing the sponsorship (gift certificate valid for show supply vendor on the fairgrounds)
  • $200 in cumulative donations- $50 gift certificate to the youth securing the sponsorship (gift certificate valid for show supply vendor on the fairgrounds)
  • Additional $25 in gift certificates for each additional $100 in sponsorships (gift certificate valid for show supply vendor on the fairgrounds)

CHAMPION Sponsorship Program Donor Form

Activities and Contests

2020 Junior Beef Roundup

Health Requirements:

All animals entered in the show must meet the following requirements:

1.    Be officially identified with an “840” RFID button issued by a state or federal animal health program or a metal ear tag (a bangs vaccination or silver metal tag) and entered on a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI – aka “Health Papers”) issued by an accredited veterinarian within 30 days of the show.

2.    CVI shall list each animal’s official identification number (see above), age, sex, breed, Brucellosis vaccination status, and any test results and dates of tests. 

3.    Animals MUST be free of infectious and contagious diseases, including Ringworm, Warts, and Pinkeye.  Animals currently being treated for any of the listed conditions that are visibly responding to treatment must have a written statement to that effect added to the CVI by the issuing veterinarian.

4.    The above CVI’s accompanying each animal will be inspected by VA Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (VDACS) personnel at the arrival on the fairgrounds or at a time designated by the show superintendents. Failure to provide proper documentation &/or identification for animals may result in disqualification of entries. Any animal without a CVI will not be eligible to show.  Any animal with a CVI, but without proper identification will be required to be tagged on-site.  If the owner refuses to allow the animal to be tagged, then that animal will be ineligible to show.  All decisions of the show superintendents are final. 

Please do not wait until the last minute to examine these requirements!

These requirements are compiled by the 2020 Junior Beef Roundup Committee, in cooperation with the State Veterinarian’s Office. If you have any questions, please contact Katherine Carter (540) 231-2257 or carterke@vt.edu

2020 Junior Beef Roundup Rules

Entry Information:

  • Entries must be made online by Monday, April 6 at 12:00 (noon). 
  • Please make sure you read the rules in their entirety before proceeding to the online entry process
  • Entries are $25 per animal.
    • Credit cards will be accepted for entry payments
    • Make checks payable to Virginia Beef Expo
    • Late entries must pay via credit card prior at entry.
      • Late entries (made after April 6) are $50 per animal.

ONLINE ENTRY SYSTEM - clickable link

We are utilizing FairEntry for the Junior Beef Roundup. Here are a few tips and reminders as you get started:

  • Help Sheet for Families
  • 3 minute demonstration video
  • Recommended browsers: GOOGLE CHROME or MOZILLA FIREFOX
  • PLEASE click the green "Sign into 4-HOnline" button first, if you are an enrolled 4-H member. This will then prompt a pop-up window to enter your username and password.
    • If you are an enrolled 4-H member, you will be required to enter through the 4-HOnline button.
  • If you are an enrolled FFA member, you will need to create a new account through FairEntry.
    • FFA members will need to have their FFA teachers sign their confirmation email for verification of enrollment.
  • For families with multiple exhibitors: register all entries for EACH exhibitor within the family BEFORE proceeding to the Payment Section. Failure to do so will prevent the remaining entries from being entered. 
  • Be sure you click the "SUBMIT" button when you have completed your entries. Entries are not final until they have been submitted.
  • Check your email inbox for a confirmation email with a list of entries and any related fees.
  • You will receive a second email when your entries have been approved.
  • Entries must be:
    • Submitted online
    • Receipt printed
    • Mailed with entry fees (if paying by check)
    • Postmarked by April 6
  • Entries can be mailed to:

Attn: Katherine Carter
Junior Beef Roundup
362 Litton Reaves Hall (MC 0306)
Dept. of Animal & Poultry Sciences
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Stalling space will be pre-assigned. Please check-in prior to unloading cattle and equipment. 

2020 Youth Breed Advisors

Date: Saturday, April 18 - 10:00 AM
Contact: Kaci Daniel - 540-672-1361

  • Using a mystery bag of ingredients, teams prepare a dish in 40 minutes and present it to a judging panel.  Youth explain their preparation steps, serving size, food safety concerns, nutrition value.  Each team will be provided an equipment supply kit and will be provided the name of the key beef ingredient in advance.  Teams are challenged to be creative and develop their own recipe with the ingredients provided.
  • 2020 Virginia Beef Challenge Rules
  • Registration is limited to the first 10 teams to submit their entries.
    • Online Registration (clickable link)
    • There is no charge to participate thanks to grant funding obtained by Dr. Tonya Price, 4-H Specialist. Participants will complete a survey at the end of the contest.

Date: 12:30 PM - Friday, April 17, 2020 Registration starts at 12:30 PM 
Contact: Andy Seibel - (540) 641-1854

Date: 1:00PM -Saturday, April 18, 2020-Hoop Barn
Contact: Katherine Carter - 540-231-2257; 

  • 2020 Youth Cattle Fitting Contest Rules 
    • Registration is due by 10:00 AM, Saturday, April 21
    • 2020 Youth Team Fitting Entry Form
  • Open to exhibitors participating in the Junior Beef Roundup.

Date: 2:30PM- Saturday, April 18, 2020 -Main Barn
Contact: Katherine Carter - 540-231-2257

  • 2020 Youth Cattle Sales Contest Rules
  • Open to any 4-H or FFA member.
    • Registration must be postmarkedy by April 6th!
    • Youth Cattle Sales Contest Entry Form

The State Skillathon contest is being held Thursday, April 9th at the Alphin Stuart Livestock Arena in Blacksburg, VA. 

More Information on the State Stockmen's Contest >>

When: Friday, April 17, 2019 - 10:00 AM- Sheep Barn
: Rockingham County Fairgrounds, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Information: Dr. Bain Wilson - 540-231-5253

More information on the Youth Cattle Working Contests >>



Scott Greiner
(540) 231-9159

Bain Wilson
(540) 231- 5253

Katherine Carter
(540) 231-2257

Virginia 4-H Livestock Programs Endowment

The Virginia 4-H Foundation is spearheading the advancement of the Virginia 4-H Youth Livestock Programs Endowment. 4-H livestock programming is funded through a combination of private gifts, endowment income, gifts in kind, and participant fees.

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