Block & Bridle Livestock Contests

When: February 23 - 24, 2018
Location: Virginia Tech Campus, Blacksburg, Virginia
Schedule: 2018 Schedule of Events (pdf)
Contact: Dr. Bain Wilson - (540) 231-5253

Contest Information

The Block & Bridle Contests are usually held over a two-day period. The Block & Bridle Club hosts a Stockmen's Contest, Livestock Judging Contest and the State 4-H/State FFA Meats Judging Contest. The Livestock Judging contests are broken into a regular (non-reasons) and advanced (reasons) contest for both Junior and Seniors. 

There has been a change in times for the Stockmen's Contest and Meats Judging Contest. Please review the letter and schedule very carefully for updates to the contests. 

  • Block & Bridle Contest Letter

Contest Entry Forms

  • Entry fees are $5 per person per contest
  • Entries MUST be postmarked by February 7!
    • Stockmen's Contest Entry Form
    • 4-H Meats Contest Entry Form
    • FFA Meats Judging Contest Entry Form
    • Livestock Judging Entry Form
      • Lunch is required for all Advanced Judging Contestants
      • Lunch is not guaranteed for late entries
  • Forms must be submitted electronically to
  • Forms must be printed off and submitted with entry fees to:

Block and Bridle Judging Contest
APSC - 0306
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Contest Preparation


Previous Contest Results



Joi Saville
(540) 231-2257

Virginia 4-H Livestock Programs Endowment

The Virginia 4-H Foundation is spearheading the advancement of the Virginia 4-H Youth Livestock Programs Endowment. 4-H livestock programming is funded through a combination of private gifts, endowment income, gifts in kind, and participant fees.

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