Block & Bridle Stockmen's Contests

When: March 1-2, 2019 
Location: Virginia Tech Campus, Blacksburg, Virginia
Schedule: 2019 Schedule of Events (pdf)
Contact: Dr. Bain Wilson - (540) 231-5253

Contest Information

The Block & Bridle Contests are usually held over a two-day period. The Block & Bridle Club hosts a Stockmen's Contest and Livestock Judging Contest. The Livestock Judging contests are broken into a regular (non-reasons) and advanced (reasons) contest for both Junior and Seniors. 

Please be reminded that the 2019 Block and Bridle Meat Judging Contest will not be held on the same weekend as Stockmen's and Livestock Judging. The Meat Judging Contest will be held March 16, 2019. Please review the letter and schedule very carefully for updates to the contests. 

Contest Entry Forms

  • Entry fees are $6 per person per contest (with the exception of advanced livestock judging)
    • Advanced Livestock Judging Contest Entry Fees are $11 per person.
  • Entries MUST be postmarked by February 14!
    • Entries postmarked Feb 15-21 are $12 per contestant and $17 for advanced
    • Stockmen's and Livestock Judging Contest Entry Form
      • Entries for the ADVANCED Livesock Judging division are $11 per person.
      • Lunch is required for all Advanced Judging Contestants
      • Lunch is not guaranteed for late entries
  • Forms must be printed off and submitted with entry fees to:

Block and Bridle Club-Livestock Contests
175 West Campus Drive
APSC - 0306
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Contest Preparation


Previous Contest Results



Scott Greiner
(540) 231-9159

Bain Wilson
(540) 231- 5253

Katherine Carter
(540) 231-2257

Virginia 4-H Livestock Programs Endowment

The Virginia 4-H Foundation is spearheading the advancement of the Virginia 4-H Youth Livestock Programs Endowment. 4-H livestock programming is funded through a combination of private gifts, endowment income, gifts in kind, and participant fees.

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