Block & Bridle Stockmens and Livestock Judging Contests

When:  8:00am Wednesday, March 3rd - 6:00pm on Sunday, March 7th
Location: Virtual
Contact: Katherine Carter- (540)231-2257;Dr. Bain Wilson - (540) 231-5253


2021 Block and Bridle Livestock Contests Letter

Contest Information:

  • All contests are VIRTUAL – Youth will need access to a laptop, iPad or tablet, or desktop computer AND a reliable internet source.  Cell phones and other mobile devices may be used, but we cannot confirm the ability of those devices to show the full scope of classes and contest materials. 
    • ***Please work with interested youth to make a reliable internet source available for those who may not have access at home***t
  • Out of state teams are eligible to enter.
  • There will be a junior division and senior division within each contest – THESE DIVISIONS WILL BE BROKEN BY CONTESTANT AGE/BIRTHDATE (please see letter above for details)
    • The State 4-H and State Meats Contests (when held) will use the traditional eligibility requirements for each of the respective organizations
  • Contestants must be enrolled, eligible members of the organization they represent – Eligibility will be verified for each participant.
  • New categories have been added to the Livestock Judging Contests
    • There are now Reasons and Non-Reasons Categories for BOTH Juniors and Seniors
  • Entries will be completely online – links for each contest are included in the appropriate contest information attached to this email – ENTRY DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH AT 5:00 PM
  • Entry fees must be paid via Credit Card or other payment options postmarked no later than Friday, February 12th – Entry fee is $5.25/contestant/contest
  • Jr. Stockmen’s and Livestock Judging Links will open at 8:00 am on Wednesday, March 3rd and close at 6:00 pm on Sunday, March 7th
  • Applicable contest links will be sent only to those coaches who have registered teams for the respective contests.  Links will be sent 24 hours before the contest opens.
  • A joint Virtual Awards Ceremony will be held via Zoom on Thursday, March 11th at 7:00 pm – All Horse and Livestock Contest Winners will be Recognized at that Time

Contest Entry Forms

Contest Preparation


Previous Contest Results



Scott Greiner
(540) 231-9159

Bain Wilson
(540) 231- 5253

Katherine Carter
(540) 231-2257

Virginia 4-H Livestock Programs Endowment

The Virginia 4-H Foundation is spearheading the advancement of the Virginia 4-H Youth Livestock Programs Endowment. 4-H livestock programming is funded through a combination of private gifts, endowment income, gifts in kind, and participant fees.

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