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Below you will find the current documents from the Risk Management Training that happened on 9/18/2018

Risk management emergency card.pdf
Risk management planning worksheet for 4-H programs.pdf
Risk Mgmt accident incident report (1).pdf
Planning for the Best and the Worst.docx
Risk Management - Request_for_Certificate_of_Insurance.pdf
Is It Negligence(2).pptx
Non 4-H Risk Management Planning Worksheet.docx
VCE Fall District Presentation.pptx
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As a means to both market an impact and Inspire others, this video was created with support from the Forest Landowner Education Program to highlight Legacy Planning and Woodland owner education.


Weaned and preconditioned feeder calves outperform un-weaned cattle in the stocker and feedlot phase of production, as they are better equipped to handle the stress of shipping.  Cattle buyers, offer premium prices for weaned cattle, increasing producer income.  However, weaning calves can be a challenge as producers take on the risk of keeping them healthy during a 45 day period before marketing them.  To help beef producers overcome these challenges, a Low Stress Weaning Workshop was held in Augusta County.   Research based, low stress weaning practices were discussed, along with calculations for breakeven prices and net returns per cow for weaning.  In a post program survey, 39% producers indicated that they expected to save an average of $11-$20/calf on weaning and preconditioning costs as a result of attending the program.  Based on responses of total cow herd size, producers will save a total of $12,450 by implementing low stress weaning practices and incorporating weaning enterprise budgets into their operations. 

Evaluating A Cattle Producer Program

EM infographic.pdf
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Engaging Limited-Resource Participants in Financial Education Through Activity-Based Lessons

4-H Summer Camp/ Summer Enrichment Program

An Introduction to MarketMaker

College Tours for Students and Their Adult(s)

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FCS Program Area - Morgan Martindell
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4-H Program Area - Claudia Lefeve
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ANR Program Area - Ashley Appling
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Shannon Woodcock
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Tammy Radford
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Farm Stress, the Producers Training – Jeremy Daubert
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NASS, Herman Ellison
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PEARS, Joe Hunnings

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